Why Life Insurance & Health Insurance is Important in our Life?

There will be always a question in our young generation ” Why Life Insurance & Health Insurance is required?” In India young people once they got the job there will be a income tax deduction.Many of us buy the Life Insurance only to save the tax under 80C & majority of our companies provide group health insurance for their employees.

When I was just joined my first company 15 years back many Life Insurance advisors approached me to take a policy. Many of their interest was only to get the business not the intention to advise right plan which will help me for my future….! . I did not show any interest at that time because I was not aware of its importance.None of the advisors put effort to explain me its importance. Alibaba Founder Jack Ma said in one of his speech : “Not necessarily a company that has a great name, (but) you should find a good boss that can teach you how to be a human being — how to do things right, how to do things properly ”  . As he rightly said I also got the good boss and he explained me the importance of Life & Health Insurance .

This is how I have taken the Life Insurance & Health Insurance 15 years back. How it helped me I would like to explain with this blog. When my twins borned with 7.5 months premature stage both the kids had to be kept in NICU. Cost per day was Rs.25K per day per baby. We were completely stressed to save our kids and at the same time arranging the Hospital charges was also equally important. Health Insurance was really saved our family from financial stress at that difficult stage. After two years later , one more thunderstorm attacked our family, my wife diagnosed with rarest cancer. Again Health Insurance has rescued our family from Financial Stress of Cancer Treatment cost. Life is uncertain and we could not able to save my wife.

I would like to request our young generation to take Life & Health Insurance and protect your family.

My main intention is to give knowledge to young friends about importance of Life & Health Insurance to protect our own family in unexpected situations

Thank you so much for reading my Blog.If any one required information about the Life , Health, Term Insurance feel free to drop the comments.. I will try to give information about the right product…


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